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Mo' Avast by Mauro Gargano

Mauro Gargano double bass player and composer born in Bari (Italy) studied classical and jazz with Maurizio Quintavalle, Furio di Castri, and Christian Gentet then with Riccardo DelFra at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris where he won a first prize.

In 2009 Gargano recorded " Mò Avast "; the title coming from the Bari (Italy) dialect literally meaning: " Fight " The CD translates musically the author's compulsive need to go beyond schemes in art and life. Coldplay's clip of "God Put a Smile upon your Face " also inspired Gargano and particularly the broker consciousness rising upon meeting a barefoot man on the street.

This work features each band member by his own creativity and music personality. Alike the first Ornette Coleman and the late Coltrane's any strict harmonic structure features the work; the rhythm section made by Gargano/Moreau plays broken tempos throughout the whole record. Compositions are mostly by Gargano except for "God Put a Smile upon your Face " from the Coldplay and " Turkish Mambo " from Lennie Tristano; Bruno Angelini on acoustic piano appears on the healings " Mars " and " Apulia " this last a tribute to the Gargano's native land described by a very interesting and some dissonant solo from Angelini.

The front line Francesco Bearzatti - tenor saxophone and clarinet - and Stephane Mercier – alto saxophone – make the sound of the ensemble more powerful; on " God Put a Smile upon your Face " and " Orange " both the beautiful sound of Mercier on alto saxophone and the arrangements recall Ornette Coleman's The Shape of Jazz to Come.

" 1903 " shows a very lyrical solo from Francesco Bearzatti on clarinet whose solo perfectly fits to a contemporary project even playing like a certain brass sections into the Duke Ellington orchestra.

" Mo Avast " represents a courageous and even outrageous project from a musician who's constantly researching and developing his own language in music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mauro Gargano
  • CD Title: Mò Avast
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Note Sonanti
  • Tracks: When God Put a Smile Upon your Face; Orange; Respiro del Passato; 1903; Bass_A_Line; Mars; Turkish Mambo; Rootz; Ostersund; Apulia;
  • Musicians: Mauro Gargano – Bass/Arranger/Composer; Bruno Angelini – Acoustic Piano; Francesco Bearzatti – Tenor Saxophone; Stephane Mercier – Alto Saxophone; Fabrice Moreau - Drums
  • Rating: Five Stars
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