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Monkey Dance by Tony Bianco

Drummer Tony Bianco heads an avant-garde swamped band through eleven structured compositions. In the long run, Bianco manoeuvres the quintet through a perpetual state of crusade via a ragbag of pulses and puzzling cymbal signatures. The drummer often values space to the collective welfare, marked by a great sense of timing and pace. Reedist Liebmann dialogues through free patterns, counterbalancing motifs while generally displaying moments of fervor with sequences of conspectus tonalities. It’s a seriously acute journey, marked by amazing moments of distinction. The band does steer the free-form musical soundcapes with a noticeable retaliation.

Bianco melds forth with his prevailing transcription of stylistic virtue and risk within this excellent band format. On this studio set recorded with an acoustically-appealing Berlin chamber music setting, Bianco aligns some outstanding artists such as Alan Lennox, Eric St-Laurent and balaphon player, Ali Keita. The art-work is stimulating and conceived by Ewan Rigg.

The party ventures over wide dialogues while Bianco keeps the fuel downright alight. On the piece titled "Honey in the Forest," balaphon and flute consolidates a knock down, drag away type swing groove amid Oriental rhythms and Eastern sound like tendencies. Through the whole work Bianco showcases uneven pulsing spaces. Notwithstanding, an explicit sense of enduring motion percolates this effort, mostly due to strong soloing spots by saxophonist Liebmann.

Absolutely beautiful and occasionally threatening, Liebmann integrates fresh sounds into the slightly sulky and aeriform mix on "Surya", offering a great exploratory session. Bianco’s masterful work on cymbals brings forth tons of contrast amid Liebmann’s delectable phrasings.

Tony Bianco wished for this album to represent Indian spiritual goals of romance, hence, the musicians forgo a very inspiring series of fulfillments on this striking release. Impressive....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tony Bianco
  • CD Title: Monkey Dance
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: FMR Records
  • Tracks: Exiled, Strolling in the Savannah, Walking On Wood, Rama Longed for Sita, Monkey Dance, Dark Celestials Maidens, To Gaze at Her, Honey in the Forest, Which way do we go?, Hanumans Leap, Surya
  • Rating: Five Stars
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