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Muziek van en voor De Keurcollectie by Het VogelKwartet

Muziek van en voor De Keurcollectie is the sound track of the recording that bassist Tjitze Vogel composed at the request of producer Leo Erken to highlight moments in the film Eva Besnyö: De Keurcollectie [The Choice Collection]. As a result, each of the tracks, except for two, consume less than two minutes in length as they create musical suggestions of cinematic intent of mood. The entire CD is less than twenty minutes long. But for aficianados of relative esoteric film scores and those whose interests are in photographic arts, the CD would be a collectible.

And who is Eva Besnyö? Credit is due to Erken for documenting her work and her life, for she is 54 years older than he, and she leaves a legacy of photography that has captured life events of her adopted country, The Netherlands. A Hungarian native, Besnyö favors the music of Béla Bartók, and Vogel has borrowed some of Bartók’s motifs in the brief compositions recorded for the film.

More than that, though, Vogel has incorporated the vocabulary of jazz in some of them as well, particularly the colors and energy of Mingus. Never is it more evident than on "Blues for Adriaan," on which Joost Swinkels’s muted trombone tells an amusing wordless story (shortened though it may be) over Vogel’s walking bass and Lothar Ohlmeier’s occasional colors on saxphone. "Developer," unhurried and melancholy, features Ohlmeier’s winding theme over pianist Pieter Jan Cramer van den Boogaart’s tightly chorded accompaniment, similar at first to "Blue Monk" in its structure.

The Balkan themes come through on tracks like "The Netherlands," as a prodding vamp responds to violinist Jasper le Clercq’s initial delicacy. And "Taking a Walk" consists of Swinkels in the lead, as if leading a canon, while the other instruments create their own harmonies a beat or two behind him before leading into a light tango.

Muziek van en voor De Keurcollectie is notable for its effective arrangements of a quintet of unusual instrumentation, and without a drummer, as it conveys the scenes from the Dutch art film that may or may not be available within the U.S.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Het VogelKwartet
  • CD Title: Muziek van en voor De Keurcollectie
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Lop Lop Productions
  • Tracks: Looking, Youth and Fame, Berlin, Blues for Adriaan, Developer, We’re Going to Bergen!, The Netherlands, Letting the Negatives Go, Eva and Ata, Sauntering, Taking a Walk
  • Musicians: Lothar Ohlmeier (saxophone, bass clarinet); Joost Swinkels (trombone); Jasper le Clercq (violin); Pieter Jan Cramer van den Boogaart (piano, accordion); Tjitze Vogel (bass)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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