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Negra Tigra by Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra

Inspired by Duke Ellington's original Jungle Orchestra that performed at the Cotton Club in Harlem during the late 1920s, Danish guitarist Pierre Dorge formed his New Jungle Orchestra in 1980 and has recorded at least eighteen albums since that time. Aside from Dorge, the ten piece band includes two trumpeters, a trombonist, two saxophonists, a cornet player and a rhythm section.

This recording reflects a heavy influence of world music with elements of African, Afro-American, Asian and other non-identifiable styles. While in the past, this band may have played some straight-ahead, swinging and even bluesy arrangements, none of this is evident in Negra Tigra. As modern jazz exist today, I found this disc to be neither modern nor jazzy just plain tasteless. Full of honks and squawks and replete with a range of distorted sounds, I struggled to accept what I heard as any form of jazz.

I've been listening to jazz for over thirty years and in that time I guess it is inevitable that one will come across a few albums that will, to put it bluntly, help clean the wax from ones ears after your finished shaking your head in disbelief. In an objective appraisal of this bold and interesting project, I must conclude that I found nothing entertaining or worth listening to ever again! A rumbling of rhythm-starved, directionless melodies more adequately described as noise is what awaits you with this album. In my humble opinion, what I have just reviewed cannot be categorized as music but rather a controlled mishmash of sounds. Maybe there is an audience out there, somewhere in the world that finds this stuff enjoyable. I would defer to their greater tolerance for the new, imaginative and unusual mind-bending music (matter of perspective) offered in Negra Tigra.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra
  • CD Title: Negra Tigra
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: ILK Music
  • Tracks: Negra Tigra I, Ushama, Negra Tigra II, Vietnam Xong, Negra, CPR, Negra Tigra III, Lang Ra, Negra Tigra IV, Streets of Ha Noi, Negra Tigra V.
  • Musicians: Pierre Dorge (guitar), Herb Robertson (trumpet), Kasper Tranberg (cornet), Gunnar Halle (trumpet), Morten Carlsen (targot & sax), Jakob Mygind (sax), Kenneth Agerholm (trombone), Irene Becker (piano), Thommy Andersson (bass), Martin Andersen (drums).
  • Rating: One Star
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