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No Relation by Charles Evans/Peter Evans & The Language Of

There you go .... a young bright baritone player who doesn’t want to imitate anybody and dares to tread on dangerous waters. His name is Charles Evans, the many slopes of Evans urge to prod his New York based band to a resonant denotation on No Relation.

At first glance the art-cover gives the impression that one will get a confrontation into a musical patchwork, but this is not the case. The pieces on No Relation were a groundwork from four jazz standards : Cole Porter’s "What Is This Thing Called Love", Nancy Hamilton and Morgan Lewis’ "How High the Moon", Jerome Kern’s "The Song Is You" and Billy Strayhorn’s "Isfahan".

Charles Evans endorses his artwork with trumpeter Peter Evans, bassist Mopa Elliot and drummer Jan Roth. The result has nothing to do with the standards at all, but with pure talented free micro-tonal de-creation.

"What" is a 2 minutes kind of be-bop song in which the quartet bespeak a discreet, hard-headed side that is displayed as a mind exploration of the theme. Forceful trumpeter Peter Evans reacts straight with "Love". His voice is imparting an assured demeanour, signing his field with authority. "How" prioritizes harmonic structure, fast tempo and improvisation. Elliot’s bass contours thrive distinctly into imparted aesthetic explorations and Roth's curlicue, exploring medium to fast tempos, is a pinnacle in this piece. Peter Evans phrases knotty polyrhythm in "High". "Song" features a 2/4 time bossa nova-like style. "You" unshackles the band. Charles Evans de-constructs and improvises, separating two great solos. Both Evans play with fever off each other, the trumpet flaking staccato notes while the baritone uses polyphonic tinges. As the complication builds up, the trumpet cannonballs along, creating whirling notes to relieve the baritone in an atonal outburst. Roth keeps the junctures and his encountering is free with a touch of geniality. "Is" be-bops along with a well structured rhythm section and some Charles Evans virile and contrapuntal attacks. "Isfatek" closes this creation, showcasing the accomplished high technical skills of this quartet with the trumpet voice remarkable.

From "What" to "Isfatek", Charles Evans evidence a great ability to de-phrase, arrange/de-arrange musical structures. No Relation is without a doubt an ensemble of compositions delineated by Charles Evans’ capable hands. He has persevered here with his talent, releasing a great CD which proves his musical and intellectual courage. Courage is the making of willpower. The world will unquestionably (and luckily) hear a touch of this young gentleman’s willpower.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Charles Evans/Peter Evans & The Language Of
  • CD Title: No Relation
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Greatbend Records
  • Tracks: What, Love, How, High, Song You, Is, Isfatek
  • Musicians: Charles Evans (baritone sax), Peter Evans (trumpet), Mopa Elliott (bass), Jan Roth (drumset)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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