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Nothing Stays the Same by DJ Wally

If there is a new explication of how an orchestra can sound, it is in the new Thirsty Ear recording NOTHING STAYS THE SAME. This is a mix assembled by DJ Wally, in which is featured Guillermo E. Brown, drums, Daniel Carter, reeds, Keef Destefano, samples, Peter Gordon, acoustic and electric flute, Khan Jamal, vibes, William Parker, bass, Matthew Shipp, piano, and David S. Ware, saxophone.

Nothing is more beautiful than an aural space in which one can dwell. This music embraces the listener, warms the spirit and demonstrates the flow of the natural world as is manifest in a stream, river, or waterfall which is constantly changing in time and measures time through what is left behind. Interpreting the Ephesian philosopher of the 6th century BC, Heraclitus, who believed that change is more permanent than permanence, Plato related that : "Heraclitus ... says that everything moves on and that nothing is at rest; and comparing existing things to the flow of a river, he says that you could not step in the same river twice." Taking the concept further, Alfred North Whitehead, a late 19th & 20th century British mathematician, logician, and philosopher suggested that: " cannot step in the same river once."

Given this ideational approach to the recording, then certainly as the instrumentation changes, so do different phrasings of electronic & acoustic patterns form, patterns that conform to simple waves, not only in a visual sensual sense, but also in the obviously audible sense which become the sine waves denoting the music’s harmonic, non-cacophonous, pulsating, and multi-versed structure. And however does the sound imply visuals, so does the listener float through to solid ground to meet up with a blatantly verbal sign of where the listener is, emphasized in flourishes with swishes on the drums, the song of the flute, the chords of the piano, the vibrations of the individually struck pitches on the vibes. We might hear the sloshing of the waves of the past as they clap on the beach and slip out again to sea taking on a different form and participating in a different time. We are landed and can begin another cycle, but in forward motion, for the purpose of landing somewhere else in an unknown place with a renovated set of senses.

How change continues in our lives and is our lives perhaps cannot be perceived easily until we have vehicles for understanding. NOTHING STAYS THE SAME is a gentle prodding for such a realization, assuming that we are calmly aware of the subtle message within the recording.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: DJ Wally
  • CD Title: Nothing Stays the Same
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Thirsty Ear
  • Musicians: Guillermo E. Brown (drums), Daniel Carter (reeds), Keef Destefano (samples), Peter Gordon (acoustic and electric flute), Khan Jamal (vibes), William Parker (bass), Matthew Shipp (piano), David S. Ware (saxophone).
  • Rating: Five Stars
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