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Release by The David Zoffer Differential

This album is self-expression, self-defining, and often self-indulgent all in the same breath. David Zoffer’s Release is an uncharted map of creative juices. It's obvious that a great deal of professionalism and thought went into the birth of this project.

The first track has an interesting melody and some appeal to it. The vocals, though fairly competent, are a bit unimpressive and don’t seem to offer much structure. This is as much free jazz as any can be intrerpreted, and, if that’s your niche, you’ll do well to have at this one. The lyrics are half-spoken, half-sung, though wholly felt. The melodies are loose and esoteric. Zoffer is known for his sophisticated approach to jazz. The expressionism is truly impressive, though not entirely comprehensible. The promo sheet boasts pop and funk elements. I heard hints of pop, even rock, but no funk. I also heard some traditional jazz, folk, and even rap. This project is the ultimate hybrid, really defying classification.

Zoffer’s ability to transcribe this free-flowing, oddly-structured album must be stated. This project has a tendency to go from here to there in 1 second flat, maybe to return, maybe not. Unique? Definitely. Expressive. Certainly. Comprehensible? I'm not so sure. While there seems to be a lot of concentration on vocals, the instruments could have played a stronger role and could have perhaps even helped to solidify a direction here. There is much to be said about and within the self-expressionism displayed here.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The David Zoffer Differential
  • CD Title: Release
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Zofco Records
  • Rating: One Star
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