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Ria by Troglodytes

The whimsical and forward mentality of Amsterdam and Boston natives has gathered since 2001, and thus, Troglodytes. Ria their new release showcases such fine artists as drummers Uli Genenger and Vasil Vautev along with famous reedist Michael Moore as well as saxophonist Natalio Sued.

This album is an abstract creation which figures out many musical touches and in the process visits modern jazz, some punk spaces and rock phrases along with Klezmer euphonics; and all salted with grains of ebony humour. It casts answering machine messages stretched onto the listener instantly. Emblazoned spectres and disparity are filled with get-up-and-go and one can tell that this exertion is pepped up and soul-felt.

An enjoyable mix of instrumentals frames the first track "Piss Freaky". "Speck" conjures up experimental textures and beautiful ambiant atmospheres which evoke some intriguing moments. "Reliable" is driven by an interesting dingy funky mood. An upbeat offering is welcome on "Spek" which contains a creative arrangement and some good developed ensemble playing, then switching to an answering machine message towards the end of the piece. "Elephant" is the longest track of the album (slightly more than eleven minutes) conceiving intense and serious piano statements as well as dense, imaginative sax punctuations and epic energizing moments. « Through With Buzz » is a courageous act with a fail-safe beat and a hint of wavering. A spooky message opens "Reliable" which gets a broadened irresolution workout. « Ria » emerges into a gloomy piece fading into spacious textures coupled with another female answering machine message. "Harbingen" holds onto a magic moment in which the piano and drums hit an apocryphal accent in de-unison with the bass reacting in an audible surprise. "Piss Freaky Remix" is basically an indefatigable remix of "Piss Freaky".

Encompassing an open-substantial grisea, Ria without a doubt will enchant freed up listeners.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Troglodytes
  • CD Title: Ria
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Floating Opera
  • Tracks: Piss Freaki, Speck, Reliable, Spek, Elephant, Through With Buzz, Reliable, Ria, Harbinger, Piss Freakiy Remix
  • Musicians: Andrew Bergmann (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals), Tyler Wood (keyboards, drums, vocals), Bram Kinchloe (drums, guitar, vocals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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