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Tango 1-8 by Hannes Enzlberger

The union of a flugelhornist, bassist, and accordionist might seem a tad out of the ordinary for a program consisting of tango related works. Bassist Hannes Enzlberger cites inspiration from Carla Bley’s "Reactionary Tango," for the development of these compositions. Ultimately, these rather liberally based movements are intermixed with solo, duo, and trio permutations - noted within the liners on a per track basis.

The bassist anchors the proceedings as the sparse lines of flueglhornist Thomas Berghammer and neatly executed maneuvers of accordionist Otto Lechner round out the festivities. A congenial and somewhat probing affair, the trio occasionally reengineers previously applied motifs, as they unassumingly inverse a few themes, minced with jazzy dialogues. Moreover, they maintain a constant, yet at times, variable rhythmic flow. As the duo and trio movements firmly stamp a progressive musical climate throughout.

This outing is marked by familiar tango initiated themes, awash with charming melodies and an ongoing yet altogether, stable reconstruction process. Overall, the music is deceptively complex yet engagingly entertaining! (Recommended.... )

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Hannes Enzlberger
  • CD Title: Tango 1-8
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Between The Lines
  • Musicians: Thomas Berghammer (flugelhorn), Otto Lechner (accordion), Hannes Enzlberger (bass)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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