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The Golden Boat 2 by Zlatko Kaucic

This precious double album is a tribute to illustrious soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy; the music was inspired from avant-garde Slovenian icon Srecko Kosovel’s poetry and life. Recorded live in Slovenia the 4th of July at the Festival Lent in Maribor, these eighteen tracks associate a myriad of musical mutations, freedom and improvisation.

Throughout the tendency of this music feast, drummer/percussionist Zlatko Kaucic and his fraternizers testify that their mark of honour is also a melodious celebration. Kaucic has assembled a quintet with three outstanding Italian artist such as pianist Bruno Cesselli, saxophonist Emanuele Cisi, bassit Ares Tavolazzi and famous American woodwind player and composer Paul McCandless. Born in Slovenia, Zlatko Kaucic is a consummated artist worldwide known also by his contributions to poetry, dance, TV shows, films and documentaries.

At heart of this opus’s underpinning, lengthen into two-part, the quintet accompanied by the Maribor Philharmonic Orchestra spans frenzied inducements with dense and generous movements. McCandless and Cisi’s wood obstreperous dialogues paraphrasing into deconstructionist of hitherto swan patterns. In sundry foregrounds, the music emerges as an assiduous replenishment suits. Just the same there are sonorous parts, dabbled with minimalist musical gestures.

Drummer Zlatko Kaucic shines in every space he utilizes with such delicacy and pertinence--quality that detach him from the selfish common denominator of cocky drummers--. It’s in the finesse of his play that Kaucic is imposing and admirable. His cymbals shrill wonderful and unique sounds, his superior strength is so that it dawns casual. While Kaucic seeks with peculiar pitch and timbres, as he displays on these double CD--The Golden Boat 2--his music is evermore engrafted in the loadstone that frame jazz, improvised music and avant-garde.

These enthronement piece or art embody a hoi polloi of euphonically forms; avant classical styles (Maribor Philharmonic Orchestra) are alternated with riotous improvisational discharges and loquacious sax/clarinet/ saxophone/bass passages. A sense of dramaturgy is stunted up to and including the craftsman’s distinctive figuring of Zlatko Kaucic’s sound-inscription methods and broadly speaking keystone meaning. The Golden Boat 2 scintillates feeler which dare norms, while enacting the listener with a treat for their midst and quintessence.

The Golden Boat 2 is without doubt an elegant and timeless release.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Zlatko Kaucic
  • CD Title: The Golden Boat 2
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Splasc(H) Records
  • Musicians: Zlatko Kaucic (drums, percussion), Bruno Cesselli (piano), Emanuele Cisi (tenor, soprano saxophone), Ares Tavolazzi (double bass), Paul McCandless (oboe, English horn, bass-clarinet, flute), Maribor Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Rating: Five Stars
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