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The Velocity of Hue - Solo Acoustic Guitar by Elliot Sharp

Those familiar with New York City based guitarist Elliot Sharp have grown accustomed to his modernist slant, generally amplified by an idiosyncratic technique and monster chops. Whether he’s strapping a double-neck electric guitar or when using electronics as a vehicle for deft expressionism, Sharp often teeters upon the cutting edge of things. On this release, armed with a modified Godin Duel Multiac guitar, he opts for the unplugged route.

Folks, this is an amazing exhibition! Throughout these fourteen pieces, the guitarist morphs steely edged blues motifs with ringing harmonics, split tones and slithery lead lines. Essentially, Sharp imprints a personalized touch here.

One would be hard pressed to stringently categorize the avenues Sharp pursues. At times, he merges walking blues lines with complexly integrated chord progressions. However, the artist seamlessly toggles between loose grooves, folk, avant-garde improvisation, and perhaps a surrealist-like nod to Americana style roots music. Augmented by this guitar’s silvery sound and organic tone, Sharp is apt to make it purr like a cat, or take it through a stress test via a sequence of unbelievably fast circular movements. On the piece titled "Euwrecka," he conjures up the exhilaration and discipline of perhaps driving a racecar through sharp turns at high speeds. Either way, Sharp’s performances throughout this fascinating program, seems to have been dictated by some sort of divine intervention. (Feverishly recommended.... )

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Elliot Sharp
  • CD Title: The Velocity of Hue - Solo Acoustic Guitar
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: EMANEM
  • Rating: Five Stars
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