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Tolminski Punt by Zlatko Kaucic

Tolminski Punt by leader Zlatko Kaucic an avante garde master drummer and percussionist sets a tone of insurrection. Through the use of various sounds, effects from musical instruments, be they strings, woodwinds or percussion, imagery is created that sets the stage for revolt. Through seven suites Kaucic and guests improvise on the events surrounding the rebellion of 1713 that took place in Tolmin, Slovenia. Most notable of the guests are Peter Brötzmann, a renowned European reed player who adds much depth to this presentation that requires an open mind and an open set of ears to fully appreciate.

The introduction "Punt #1" starts with serenity, simplicity and tones of nature as if one was sitting in a forest enjoying a peaceful moment in time. As the composition comes to a close, the intensity has built up, nervous tension forms, a forewarning of an imminent storm, or so one could imagine as if listening to the soundtrack of a thriller. Through the use of percussive effects, percussion instruments that range the gamut of imagination, if it makes a sound when you strike it just so, it is included in the arsenal of Zlatko Kaucic. The use of the string section adds to the imagery in a very adept manner, two cellos create depth of midrange sounds that are incredible, while violin creates the sound of voices through the trees, wind, terror, fear and emotions of intensity.

During the fifth track of the CD, "Tolminski Punt #5" it is as if the revolution is in high gear as saxophonist Brotzmann takes charge and to the beat of Kaucic and his non-regimented march - the duo pair up to overcome adversity, a partnership of support is created that finds the two musicians dueling unseen forces as if their lives depend on it. The composition sounds as a free form exploration of time and space with both Kaucic and Brötzmann letting go and playing at high intensity. Brötzmann playing long sustained notes of pain and rapid growls of tonal brutality that transform from attack to questioning the why, what and where of a battle that may have gone horribly wrong. The saxophone playing is the feature of this thirty nine plus minute track with wonderful accompaniment by Kaucic, that ends with a funeral march melody of saxophone solo- fading to a melancholy duet of drums and sax that paints imagery of the horror of war with the saxophone howling out a soulful, mournful rage.

The varied elements of this Cd, Tolminski Punt make for an enjoyable stirring listen, the strings in combination with wonderful percussion and excellent saxophone playing take the listener on an audible journey of an imaginative soundscape. The CD, while not for everyone is a masterpiece of exploration built upon a theme utilizing sounds to recreate the telling of a historical moment in time that is timeless.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Zlatko Kaucic
  • CD Title: Tolminski Punt
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Splasc(h) Records
  • Musicians: Zlatko Kaucic (drums, percussion), Peter Brötzmann (tenor sax, clarinet, tarogato), Rahela Grasselli (violin), Barbara Zorz (cello), Eva Julija Recnik (cello)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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