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Virgo Suite by Mauro Bonomi/ Paolo Cattaneo / Fabio Mignola

Virgo Suite is an attainment of Mauro Bonomi and Paolo Cattaneo’s interplay birth broiled by an exquisite, courteous and accurate inventor, Fabio Mignola.

Bonomi, Cattaneo and Mignola have not established a meticulously unperceived motion. Certainly not all have been heard before or even now. Nevertheless famed saxophonist Mauro Bonomi has acquired a chronicle not only as an accomplished musician but also as a Professor/administrator at the HMI (Helvetica Music Institute) in di Arbedo-Bellinzona, Switzerland. Then, pianist Paolo Cattaneo deploys his extensive ability on this newly released album, incorporating the stylistic elements he mastered with his musicology, scenography and architectural knowledge. Fabio Mignola is already recognized in the European scene as well as in the USA. His solo guitar CD, "Chitarra ticinese", hinted a great impact at the end of the 90s. He has been awarded by the critics in Europe the "virtuosic arpeggio" prize. Mignola is always constantly creating. His last three albums, "Flor de Luna," "Così il tempo va" and "Flyin' Away" are examples of his unique, soft style which is mitigating and bright.

Bonomi, Cattaneo and Mignola’s command of the ensemble is evident on the fingerprint Virgo Suite. Just about when they reveal their hacks on "Zavijava," an arduously-energetic poly-measured consonance saxophonist Bonomi resentfully bellows into the registers on "Porrima," whilst Bonomi frostily bangs and pianist Cattaneo's discriminating body-building encircles Bonomi’s solo on "Rijl al Awwa." Bonomi recollects to us that he reckons to be an addition up through his saxophone, bearing a fabulous, clever-falling act on the sprightly, appeasing and ancient "Khambalia."

Let’s talk about free improvisation .... this duo/ trio may be considered a conquering one. One wants to call this avant-garde (or buoyant music or other terms you want to settle upon) and there are few people from more customary backdrops who seem to smatter into these free waters. Whichever it is, this group’s expertise and alliance is still peculiar.

Fellow jazzers ... this is an enduring and praised album and an unforgettable trio. Please take some time to listen to this wonderful release, not regrettable at all!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mauro Bonomi/ Paolo Cattaneo / Fabio Mignola
  • CD Title: Virgo Suite
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Bonmusic
  • Tracks: Spica, Zavijava, Porrima, Vindemiatrix, Heze, Auva, Rijl al Awwa, Zaniah, Syrma, Khambalia
  • Musicians: Mauro Bonomi (sax), Paolo Cattaneo (piano), Fabio Mignola (sound design , add. keyboards)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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