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Walk Songs by Marcin Olés featuring Brat Olés Simon Nabatov and Chris Speed

Whereas Marcin Olés has appeared on the jazz world’s spotlight as an amazing composer and bass instrumentalist in avant-garde music, this record is an able-bodied wink to remind us of traditions of contemporary jazz. Walk Songs is another revelation through the path that guides the Olés inflections.

This brand-new CD is an ambushing album that braces out in its nature. Walk Songs differentiates another victorious endeavor into Marcin Olés’s musical career. The lineup here is composed of his favorite outstanding artists - Simon Nabatov (piano), Chris Speed (tenor saxophone) and Bartlomiej Brat Olés (drums). If much of this release can be appraised as conventional sounding, the creation has substance as much as Marcin Olés’s first project, Ornette on Bass.

The piano plays a crucial part in Walk Songs’s vibe. In each track, Marcin Olés 's strings are paramount for the band's incursion into their personal spheres. Yet, the conveyer belt becomes fuzzy as the music sprouts aloft the walk of this release. Indeed the song’s line-up enormously role plays here.

Marcin Olés, Chris Speed, Simon Nabatov, and Bartlomiej Brat Olés display a shared coercion in their speech demeanor and mastery to provide propellant playing and moderated tones as well as wide forethought. Nabatov bequeaths his own magisterial mark from « Evil's Eyes" to the last track, "Seven Days". Chris Speed’s tenor clanks and swings, oftentimes blushes with dared improv statements. "Evil’s eyes " and "Green Eater" capture the listener from the quartet’s twisty and emphatic drive, with Nabatov’s poignant voice and lyrical length interlocking with Marcin Olés’ cartilaginous bass pitches and Bartlomiej Brat Olés’s mighty asseverations.

In the liner notes Marcin Olés describes poetically his musical journey rooted in what is real--just as the light of stars--. Star lights show us a spectacle that existed thousands or millions of years ago. For scientists this light moment is precious and is sound. For Marcin Olés, time is sound. Both metaphorical glances collide: what we see, what we listen to is the presence of its light, at the very instant it retains us.

Walk songs is Marcin Olés’s difficult musical journey so hence, his time. Time has an intrinsic direction without end, no matter if his new album sounds conventional. Olés has known to pass an evil glance, has seen fragility to ground sounds; euphonies floated across tonal paths that eventually become wise. A "Q Square" bump in every musical journey, spaces might sound yet resonance fits in "Seven Days" or forever. Walk Songs hides a test for broad ears as certainly as Marcin Olés’s music will echo boundless horizons.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Marcin Olés featuring Brat Olés Simon Nabatov and Chris Speed
  • CD Title: Walk Songs
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Fenommedia
  • Rating: Five Stars
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