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3D by Jing Chi

Jimmy Haslip’s dream for Jing Chi is: bringing this group of musicians to a harder edge than their first recordings, leading them into another level of progression in composition and playing.

Boldly beginning this album with Colonel Panic, in the Jimi Hendrix Experience tradition, this song is an original collaboration from the artists performing it. A strong guitar existence backed by heavy bass and drums creates a high energy down to the bone.

"This song sets the mood and gets the audience ready for what’s to follow," says producer, writer, and collaborator, Haslip.

Chi Town has a strong percussive backing for the wide range of Ford’s guitar.

A more sedate, yet rich sound with longer notes and a rolling guitar highlights Move On.

Low-end grooves and high-end peaks set the tone for Hidden Treasure, as Golding’s organ leads intermittently.

Influenced by King Crimson and Led Zeppelin, Time Is A Magazine Robben shows off his spectacular wah-wah guitar work as Haslip does a spirited solo of his own.

Mezzanine Blues showcases Robben’s slip and slide along the strings, accompanied by Haslip’s inventive bass.

Ford’s own Blues Alley is a slinky smooth piece of guitar work, infused with Goldings’ B-3, giving it additional depth to the slide. Colaiuta has impeccable timing on drums keeping all forces strong.

Vocalist Robert Cray steps up with his guitar on It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine, creating peppy riffs and deep runs for his blues rich rendition of Blind Willie Johnson’s song from 1927. Cray caresses every note with his bluesy voice.

Tangled Upcloses the album with as much energy as it began.

Vinnie Colaiuta, Robben Ford and Jimmy Haslip bring Jing Chi into the third dimension with their combined structure and inspiration from the all time greats:

Appropriately named Jing Chi, meaning Life Forces in Chinese, this album is a flow of energy, mixed with blues, rhythm and a soul Haslip brings to all his works.

Fans who heard the first and second recording from this group of musicians were lined up at the door, waiting for Jing Chi to be released on June 29.

Before this album hit the stores, some on-line sellers were already sold out!

Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, the Cream, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, the musicians on Jing Chipromise a pleasant ride filled with energy, soul and spunk.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jing Chi
  • CD Title: 3D
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Tone Center
  • Tracks: Colonel Panic, Chi Town, Move On, Hidden Treasure, Time Is A Magazine, Mezzanine Blues, Blues Alley, It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Tangled Up.
  • Musicians: Vinnie Colaiuta: drums, Robben Ford: guitar, Jimmy Haslip: bass. Special guest musicians: Robert Cray: guitar and vocals on It’s Nobody’s Fault but Mine, Larry Goldings: organ on Hidden Treasure and Blues Alley, Steve Tavaglione: sound design and soprano sax, Judd Miller: sound design
  • Rating: Five Stars
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