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Arkham by Arkham

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The 70s (and the late 60s) were a time when "fusion" was NOT a commercially accepted genre/classification. In many ways, fusion was just as distrusted and reviled as bebop …

One by Joel Newton

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Guitarist Joel Newton’s self-produced One showcases an adventurous guitarist with chops to spare. Based out of New York, he and his band One re-invent the early jazz…

Wired by Jeff Beck

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In the 60s & early 70s, Jeff Beck was considered by many to be in the Rock Guitar Pantheon with Clapton, Page and Hendrix. Even before Jimi Hendrix, Beck established himsel…

New Features by HiM

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Aways back, I reviewed in these (web)pages the HiM album Sworn Eyes - that album was a fine jazz-oriented dub/world music disc. Their latest, New Features, finds HiM moving…