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Anomalies by Dan Pinto

Anomalies is a real treat for those of you who’ve had some considerable exposure to the intricacies of classical rock (i.e., Kansas, Jethro Tull, early Rick Wakeman and Yes). There’s a very concerted effort to set forth the complexities of this style coupled with today’s new age and acid jazz.

Dan Pinto is a multi-talented musician with one heck of a vision. Having started out as a drummer in 1974, he’s since evolved to other forms of percussion, as well as keyboards, writing, and producing. He does very well in this expanded role and even employs orchestral surroundings, such as lilting strings. An interesting note is that he has been mainly focused on filmmaking, having written for Robin Leach’s TV series "Lifestyles of the Rich and famous" and producing and directing his own independent full-length film for the sole purpose of writing its music score. So it is that he’s divided his time between film and audio projects like this one. That may be commendable to have been able to do so without suffering a loss in quality if his film work is as decent as his album.

Anomalies is full of interesting and palatable melodies, sounds, phrasings, and timing that do stimulate the curious element of the musical soul. Translation: You most likely will want to listen, even though some part of you may wish to abandon the effort because it may not resemble what you’re used to hearing. I stayed.... and actually enjoyed it for its many facets. Case in point would be "Labyrinth," "Forty Two," "Flight of the Phoenix" and "Pandora’s Box." The first is a frenzied journey into the depths of improv fusion with a touch of the Jethro Tull timing. "Forty Two" is most identifiable as rock/jazz (more rock than jazz, I think) and is quite the prolific and "vocal" piece on keys. The latter two definitely capture that Kansas (the group) flavor very nicely and in an original manner. "Enigma" is another nicely arranged piece that strides in with majesty and authority. The keys here are pleasantly prominent, though very aggressive in spots.

Pinto has a winner here if you like hybrids of this persuasion. It’s a true delight in sound and concept coupled with professional efficiency.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dan Pinto
  • CD Title: Anomalies
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Eclectic Sound
  • Rating: Three Stars
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