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Bridge of Art by David Boswell

Bridge of Art by David Boswell is not the typical run-of-the-mill smooth jazz CD. Instead, the release is an eclectic blend of light-hearted guitar licks that reflect influential remnants of guitarist Pat Metheny. Although billed as a smooth jazz addendum to an otherwise saturated arena of hollow sounding artists, Bridge of Art goes much farther than the usual smooth jazz proliferation of instrumental rhetoric. David Boswell has gone another further in his quest to release a majestic array of improvisational magic. The CD is a groove-driven sound energy experience that has an unanticipated harmonic attitude and deep bass lines. In David Boswell’s mind: "Why should so much smooth jazz sound the same?" The answer may well be found in the depth and scope of of his career.

When listening to Bridge of Art for the very first time, I had the distinct impression that this recording was a musical clone of Pat Metheny. However, further investigation revealed something uniquely qualified to be different. Although David’s CD has a Metheny-like feel, Bridge of Art moves forward in a direction of its own. The album is a fusion-filled demonstration of high-powered synthesized guitar embellishments that are augmented with underlying bass licks. These and other musical attributes come together beneath an umbrella of jazz induced rock influences.

In addition, all ten tracks associated with this CD were written by David Boswell. He also exhibits and includes a level of multi-faceted vocal and instrumental skills that round out

the album quite well. Other ingredients David has included come together as a pulse of

activity, which are designed to produce a multitude of stylized sounds.

Included on this genuine upbeat approach to fusion influenced contemporary jazz are a host

of very capable sidemen. Individually, they all bring some unique skills to Bridge of Art as

well. To assist David on his ten tracks of musical genius, listen for pianist John Boswell,

his brother, bassist Dean Tate, percussionist M.B. Gordy III and drummer Jim

McIntyre. Collectively, this group of merry men have a storied past that reads like a

"Who’s Who in Contemporary Music." David Boswell himself possesses a highly-evolved

resume that includes the Grove School of Music, stints with his own trio in jazz clubs

around Southern California and has scored the music for "The Jim Bama Story," a

renowned painter. Included in Boswell’s background are studies with Pat Metheny himself,

which could explain the Metheny-like influence that is heard on Bridge of Art.

When examining the overall approach that David Boswell has taken of Bridge of Art, the very foundation of fusion-induced jazz is culminated by strong systemic melodies. The improvisational appeal provided by Boswell goes the distance in making each track appear spontaneous and off the cuff. The melodic nuances on such tracks as "Beautiful Day," "Take Me Away" and "Bridge of Art" all contain deep-seated acoustic characteristics that convey a musical philosophy of human interaction. Another track in particular entitled "Salute to Kindness" is a musical tribute to David’s father, who gave him the gift of knowing that kindness is one of mankind’s finest traits.

In retrospect, Bridge of Art is an introspective appeal to the fundamental character and approach to day-to-day life. Boswell has attempted to musically convey the heartfelt emotions and self-taught disciplines and philosophies that govern the sentimental attitudes that we all possess. In the final analysis, this CD provides a jazz influenced saga of the human spirit, one that is pleasing to the ear and has a wide variety of attributes attached.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Boswell
  • CD Title: Bridge of Art
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: My Quiet Moon Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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