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Coastline by Miguel Mega

Brazilian electric guitarist Miguel Mega’s CD Coastline is his third solo effort. The recording combines elements of Latin, rock and jazz music into an electrifying mix of musical artistry that is at times reminiscent of groups such as Soul Live or Medeski, Martin and Wood. Of course, being an electric guitarist with heavy influences of Latin music also begs comparisons to Carlos Santana. Although Santana is thought of more as a rock and pop guitarist there are many similarities in sound between the Latin Rock legend and guitarist Mega.

Mega penned nine of the ten tunes on the CD that reflect a nice mix of instruments, rhythmic feels and sounds incorporating different instruments. Two of the tunes on the recording that stand out to this listener are the opening tune "Under Any Circumstances" and "Moonstruck" the sixth tune. "Under Any Circumstances" has a very aggressive "jam band" sound with prominent organ along with Mega’s guitar and driving bass and drums. In contrast "Moonstruck" is an eclectic mix within itself. The tune begins with a mellow light jazz sound with saxophone over subdued chords. After a mellow vamp the tune "ramps up" to a driving rock beat over which Mega’s guitar soars then again alternates between the mellower light jazz sound and Mega’s rock driven guitar finally coming to a conclusion much like the tune began with mellow saxophone.

It is not easy to categorize where to fit Miguel Mega’s Coastline. Mega certainly has been recognized by a number of publications devoted to the guitar as someone possessing great musicianship and great chops. The tunes on the CD also are evidence that Mega is also a talented composer/arranger with a variety of influences and knowledge of a wide range of different musical styles. Certainly if a listener enjoys great guitar playing, Latin inspired music, jazz fusion with elements of hard driving rock and mellow light jazz sounds in any or all of these combinations this CD will be a most welcome addition to a recording collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Miguel Mega
  • CD Title: Coastline
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Under Any Circumstances, Coastline, Como Yo!, Maresias, Street Dog Bone, Moonstruck, Vaibration, Inside Out, Changes, While You Were There
  • Musicians: Miguel Mega (guitars and vocals), Andre Pinguim (dums), Mazzeo (bass), Daniel Teles (keyboards), Eduardo Ardanuy (guitar), Claudio Medeiros (bass), Mauricio Fernandes (alto and tenor saxophones), Marco Santana (bass), Jose Joannes (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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