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Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy by Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy

For a unique jazz experience, I invite you to listen to the jazzy, almost dance tunes of Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy. The group consists of Miss LouLou (vocals), Dr. Marcus (keyboards and PC), Dr. Delavie (electronics and sampling) and Dr. Blade (saxophones), who all hail from Bella Italia and now make Europe their home.

Ten tracks, plus four bonus tracks, make up their project, which is "jazz, lounge and some deconstructed pop songs." What makes Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy even more haunting is the whispering vocals of Miss LouLou. Her voice makes tracks such as "Because of You" sound more like a dance remix than a jazz selection. All songs on the track are written by Dr. Marcus and Dr. Delavie.

I do like jazzy effect of the saxophone in the interlude, which sets the tone for the second half of the album. The French vocals of Pascale Charreton greet the listener's ear at the beginning of "Un Monde Sans Frime", bringing a pleasant sound.

As pleasurable as it sounds, the listener should not look at "Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy" as strictly jazz. As part of the Kriztal Entertainment family, the group fits with the record label's objective, which is "to bring quality, cutting-edge dance/downtempo/chillout/lounge music to the Americas and in the process introduce a new audience to the eclectic sounds of electronica." Hardly jazz. Oh, well. "Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy" is still groovy, however.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy
  • CD Title: Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Kriztal Entertainment
  • Tracks: Milt Shake, Groovy Night, Elizabeat, Seven Reasons Why, First Man Then Machine, Because of You, Interlude, Un Monde Sans Frime, Fusion in Fusion, Thank You Very Much, Groove Supreme, Because of You (dj shade remix), Groovy Night (Ultraviolet remix), Groovy Night (Club 70 remix)'
  • Musicians: Miss LouLou (vocals), Dr. Marcus (keyboards and PC), Dr. Delavie (electronics and sampling), Dr. Blade (saxophone), Andrea Pala (vibraphone), Marcel Strati (trombone), Pascale Charreton (french vocals), Max Carletti (electric guitar)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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