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Fat Doggie by Greg Alper Band

"Recorded in 1978, Fat Doggie is a genre-defying fusion of jazz, funk, disco, soul and Latin. Solid rhythm section, tight horns, great tunes. Imagine Average White Band, Santana, James Brown, Albert Ayler and Tower of Power all on one album! The Greg Alper Band featured the finest jazz players in New York, including Richie Morales (Spyro Gyra, Brecker Bros), Chuck Loeb (Bob James, Fourplay) and Ray Anderson (Best Trombonist: Down Beat magazine critics poll 1987-91).

The disco-infused funk opening cut "Hole in Your Pocket" was a dance floor classic. The combustible "Give it Up" is a scorching, tightly-syncopated funk workout that wouldn’t sound out of place on a vintage Tower of Power album. The mellower mid-paced Latin grooved bonus track "Many Moods" features exquisite horn parts, lit by celestial shimmering guitar accompaniment.

The original release elicited positive press reviews including Rolling Stone which said “...all in all this music has something that everyone will love” as well as Billboard’s “Top Album Picks.” In recent years, the hard-to-find Fat Doggie album has become something of a cult collectable with groove spotters, DJs and jazz-funk disciples the world over. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios using the original source tapes, Fat Doggie has once again been unleashed from the "kennel" according to record label First Hand Records.

This album was produced by Dan Doyle; co-produced by Mark Bingham; engineered by Joe Arlotta. The track "Hole in Your Pocket" is "a heart-warming chant about romantic prospects on a budget. Ray Anderson sings his heart out with his funky, humorous interpretation of the lyric. Horns echo the sentiment and then trade fours, exchanging stories of romance in tough times. Al Chalk delivers a classic funk interpretation of a man's frustration with his lady friend. The band rollicks in James Brown style behind him" (Gregory Alper).

This album is extremely energetic with "a rowdy round in 6/4. Three men wailing the funk. Ray is at his funkiest, wildest and grooviest--a unique voice on his instrument" in track 4, Three's a Crowd. Also, in track 6, The Cantatta Baratta. "A playful expression in 7/4. Theme and extrapolations with multiple simultaneous melodies, wind around and through this groove" (Gregory Alper). The final piece, "a sweet playful chase over a 14-count phrase. Steve's lilting solo teases us with the promise of further adventure" (Gregory Alper).

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Greg Alper Band
  • CD Title: Fat Doggie
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Record Label: First Hand Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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