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Native Tongue by Kam Falk

This group performs with high energy and enormous depth. Better to listen than to read, amen?

The first three tracks, "Around the Bend," "Shifting Sands," and "Pursuit" would qualify as the harder-driven tracks on this CD. They’re swift, a little rough and very ready as Falk and his groups come out swingin’.

"Bolivia" is rather thought-provoking, classy and very cool. Falk does some really sweet piano work and his colleagues, Kushner and Mazzi perform like painters on a canvas. Still on the mellow side, "Zone Five" is a funky jam with Daryll Dobson’s rock-based guitar carrying on nicely through this aural dreamscape.

"Welcome Home" is totally funky with Elliott Randall’s sleek guitar and good rhythm structure. "BopStop" has Falk and Delmar Brown answering each other on their keyboards bringing back a little taste of the old burners from the 60s and early 70s. With "Katy’s Song," it’s fair to assume it’s a tribute to Falk’s wife or at least a track with deep sentimental value and beauty, indeed. "One Summer" continues the mood with an almost classical sound. "Journey’s End" speaks for itself as a very sweet close to a road well traveled.

"Native Tongue" has a nice mix of ballads, mid- and up-tempo pieces which round things out. All musicians performed as if their only purpose was this project. That is what makes it all so appealing. Read with your ears for an accurate conclusion.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kam Falk
  • CD Title: Native Tongue
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Quick Time
  • Musicians: Kam Falk (composer, bass, keyboards), Drew Preston Kushner, Daryll Dobson, Federico Himiob, Elliott Randall (guitar), Jerry O’Malley, Gerry Brown, Ricardo Mazzi, Jonathan Joseph (drums), Sheri Brooks, Delmar Brown, Gary Mayone (piano) Rick Dell (string bass).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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