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New Mood Suite by Trikus

The name of the group and the CD's cover art suggested European Progressive Rock to me, so I was not surprised by the intricate bass introduction by George Hoar to "The Funhouse," the first track on Trikus's New Mood Suite. I was slightly surprised, though, at how funky the track became--something like a cross between Prince and Stanley Clarke. Likewise, the Zappa-esque flourishes on "Festoon" and the electric guitars on the title track and elsewhere were of a piece with my expectations.

The fluid and dense Brazilian rhythms of "Ginaroma," though, were both welcome and unusual. "Slippery When Wet," featuring the trombone and euphonium of Matt Tracy, is a swinging piece that seemingly could've been written at any point in jazz history. "Pallette Two" is a nice ballad with a lovely melody played by Hoar on piano. All of the selections were written by Hoar, who plays flute in addition to basses and keys.

This is an interesting album, full of diverse styles. Hoar displays a wide range as both a performer and a composer, and the rest of the group backs him effectively. Anyone interested in jazz played on electric instruments (acoustic elements are present as well) should find something of interest here.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Trikus
  • CD Title: New Mood Suite
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: GTH Music
  • Rating: Three Stars
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