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Passione Musica by Enrico Rosa

Italian-born guitarist Enrico Rosa has been a part of the European music scene for over thirty years, playing on dozens of albums as both a sideman and leader. He has been based in Denmark for many years, and his latest effort, "Passione Musica", features the quartet of Rosa and Danish musicians Torben Botker Bjornskov on bass, Matin Alexandr Sass on keyboards, and Frank Thogersen on drums and percussion.

Rosa is an accomplished classical guitarist who has worked to fuse elements of classical guitar, rock, and jazz styles together into a uniquely personal sound. The concept behind this album is a journey through different musical styles, inspired by Rosa's own passionate love for music. Stylistically, the selections run from a jazzy waltz, funk, a classical guitar duet, and contemporary classical guitar solos with the rhythm section. Rosa switches into a contemporary jazz mode on "The Kite", a lovely balled written in memory of Thad Jones and played by Rose on electric guitar, and featuring a nice bass solo by Bjornskov.

As a guitarist, Rosa has worked to develop a playing technique that combines classical fingerstyle technique with the use of a pick. His playing is reflective of traditional guitar phrasing and his style is not 'jazz' in the sense that his playing is not particularly influenced by swing or bebop. His work will be enjoyed particularly by traditional guitarists, but he is a player of deep musical sensitivity who has managed to produce an album that will speak emotionally to all who appreciate music from the heart.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Enrico Rosa
  • CD Title: Passione Musica
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Do-Re
  • Tracks: Waltzing At Ease, Livorno 1973, Tapum, Odd Walk, Sunset, The Kite, Italian Irish, Dolcemente, Classic Feel
  • Musicians: Enrico Rosa classical and electric guitar, Torben Botker Bjornskov bass, Matin Alexandr Sass keyboards, Frank Thogersen drums and percussion
  • Rating: Four Stars
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