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Solar Igniter by Modereko

One of the most redeeming qualities about jazz as a genre is that it is the first known crossover style of music. With well over 100 different associated styles, it has also served as a world ambassador to millions of people. Since its humble beginnings during the late 19th century, numerous improvised melodic and rhythmic trends have come to light_some have been great, while others have fallen by the wayside. One such effort entitled 'Solar Igniter' by the group Modereko falls into that category, and one would have to wonder: "Where is the jazz, fusion or otherwise?"

One of the more redeeming qualities possessed by Modereko is their ability to provide strong rhythms which are often backed by instrumental spontaneity; unfortunately, jazz is not always the main course on their musical menu. What can be said about 'Solar Igniter' is that the CD is filled with fusion-based inferences of rock, R&B, semi-collective grooves, Middle Eastern flavors coupled with varied amounts of electronic sampling for effect. In addition, the release has indistinguishable offerings of vocals that do little to highlight the album's pretentious identity as a jazz recording. Although the CD falls short of its desired intent, the musicianship at various times is amazingly creative. All of the major instrumental ingredients are firm enough to produce a solid platform of sound-activated excellence. What is most evident is the cohesive nature the band exhibits as a group.

The best way to describe 'Solar Igniter' would be as a fusion release with strong rock-oriented influences. In that arena, the overall crafting of the recording is superb and is filled with transitional color coordinated impressions. Through 14 firmly embedded tracks of improvised dynamics, Modereko has recorded an interesting excursion into sound, one that is filled with a variety of flavorful ingredients. In retrospect, jazz may have been the initial intent; however, under an umbrella of fused-instrumental variety, this release shines with an amazing level of curiosity attached.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Modereko
  • CD Title: Solar Igniter
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Harmonized Music
  • Tracks: Seven Heaven, El Kabong, Getaway Float, Huckleberry, Take It Out, 35 Rooms, Travel By Balloon, Tronic, Solar Igniter, Snake Charmer, Miracles, Allman Joy, Soul Cheese, Celebrate Your Youth
  • Musicians: John Molo (drums), Bobby Read (saxophonist), Tim Kobza (guitarist), Dan Conway J.V. Collier (bass), J.T. Thomas (keyboardist), I.T. Thomas (organ, wurly, synthesizer), Keller Williams (vocals), Sara Read (fiddle), John Dearth (trumpet samples)'
  • Rating: Five Stars
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