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The Rise of Kwyjibo by Kwyjibo

Kwyjibo, but what does that mean? According to the band’s CD notes, Kwyjibo is, "the trance-like state of mind which one enters when listening to the music of the kwyjibo as in ‘Whoa dude, I just had a kwyjibo!'" Listen to The Rise Of Kwyjibo and you will instantly understand this definition!

Peter Kienle plays guitar and the Chapman Stick and is a composer as well as an arranger for many of the compositions of the band. He has been a member of such ensembles Beeblebrox, Third Man and the Monica Herzig Acoustic Project. Joe Donnelly plays the tenor and baritone saxophone. He has been a member of such ensembles as Orquestra Son, Salaam and Brian Winterman and the Delusion Train. Matt Everhart plays the electric bass. He has been a member of such ensembles as Sinclair, The Jenn Christy Band and the Snake Oil Medicine Show. Dan Deckard plays the drums and he has been involved with numerous bands as well, too many to list, in fact. Needless to say, all members in this band are consummate musicians and have paid their dues.

"Sign Broken, Come In For Message" starts the album. It is upbeat and funky. Each musician shines on this track in perfect synchronization. "Alice’s Cool B***s" is the second track and stays in line with the first. "Apples And Oranges" and "I Can’t See Your House From Here" shift the mood although they are still edgy they are mid tempo and smooth. The album ensues with "Broken Windbreak", "Georgia Beyond The Blue Event Horizon", and "Maximum Overlap". Each song has a beautiful melody which showcases each musician’s individual talents. "Maximum Overlap" is a breathtaking track Joe Donnelly is brilliant on the tenor saxophone he plays as though caressing the listeners’ soul. It is dark and beautiful. The album finishes with "Peter’s Party Pooper," "Suburban Stardust," "Siberian Kathru Blues" and "Uninovation." As the album ended, I was stunned at the incredible artistry demonstrated by these unbelievably talented musicians. From Donnelly’s soul piercing solos to Deckard’s fervent rhythm and Kienle’s dazzling riffs and Everhart’s grooving electric bass expertise. This is a must add to your collection! If you are looking for something that sounds completely unique, then this is the album for you. With just one listen this album will have you saying Whoa dude, I just had a kwyjibo!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kwyjibo
  • CD Title: The Rise of Kwyjibo
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: ACME Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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