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The V16 Project by Jerry Granelli

In the liners, drummer Jerry Granelli mentions, "the heart of the band is risk, not knowing, curiosity and nowness." In effect, this quasi, blues-jazz improvisational rock centric outing is entrenched within various non-formulaic events. However, the mixture of composed material and explorative tendencies, all adds up to an effort that defies rigid boundaries. It’s an acoustic-electric set, featuring bassist Anthony Cox, guitarists David Tronzo, and Christian Kogel. All the musicians implement various electronics-based elements throughout the entire production. Essentially, the guitarists’ odd tunings, complete with fuzz-toned ponderings and various blues-based variations, skirt avant-garde territory. Although, many of these refreshingly conveyed movements are constructed upon thought-provoking principles.

The quartet can sometimes surface as a hard rock power trio, awash with a noticeable sense of disintegration - where commonly heard riffs are broken down into incongruent thematic forays. But Granelli and associates supply interesting perspectives upon the path well traveled. To that end, you’ll hear wailing blues riffs amid smatterings of electronics, coupled with guitar duets and odd-metered rhythmic sequences. This production is awash with elusive qualities and allegorically rendered motivations. In sum, Granelli continues to re-vitalize the straight and narrow with an impractical stamp of ingenuity, that works rather well. (Recommended.... )

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jerry Granelli
  • CD Title: The V16 Project
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Songlines
  • Rating: Three Stars
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