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Vibrationz by Prophetz of Time and Space

Prophetz of Time and Space consists of some of the greatest studio musicians in the industry. Some names might be familiar to listeners. Jerry Goodman goes way back to the early days of The Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as work with Jan Hammer and Dixie Dregs. Brandon Fields (The Rippingtons, George Benson) and Leon Chancler (Weather Report) are other examples of people who have contributed a great deal to popular jazz.

Hints of African rhythms introduce us to Boo Jee Woo Gee. The groove is set with Chancler's steady beat and Goodman's propulsive violin. The melody floats every so softly as Goodman takes one of many "spiritual" solos. Jackson's percussion beautifully introduces Field's funky take on things. Solid playing from everyone.

Zee phyr is an upbeat number featuring Fields on tenor sax. Vasconcellos' deep bass sounds offer up a rhythmic charge that continues throughout. Namba's nimble work on electric keyboards meld in nicely with the rest of the group before Goodman takes over with his usual fare of cosmic string dancing.

Taking the listener to another dimension Finnegan's Dream is a dreamy, and flowing tune encapsulating careful group integration along with smoothly crafted sounds. Fields stretches on this one with some fine interplay with Ruiz. Goodman is heard gliding in and out as if sailing on a bow of gold.

A haunting intro from Vasconcellos introduces the beautiful Remeniscence. The rest of the band builds on this until a steady rhythmic pattern is established. Everyone is playing as one. One entity, one goal. Ruiz's beautiful piano melds with Fields. Goodman plays to great effect.

A marriage of smooth and fusion jazz, Vibrationz is musical tonic for the ears. Taken all at once or in small doses, Prophetz of Time and Space do not disappoint. Most of the tunes were written and arranged by Vasconcellos. The production is clean and balanced. Vibrationz successfully draws on everyone's musical experiences to create an aural pastiche that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Prophetz of Time and Space
  • CD Title: Vibrationz
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Chakra Music
  • Tracks: Boo Jee Woo Gee, Healing and Revealing, Meet and Potatoes, Zee phyr, Gem, Finnegans Dream, Tranzplacement, Remeniscence
  • Musicians: Brandon Fields (tenor and soprano sax, flute), Munyungo Jackson (percussion), Jerry Goodman (electric violin), Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (drums), Steve Vasconcellos (bass), Otmaro Ruiz (acoustic piano), Tadashi Namba (electric keyboards)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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