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You, Are The One, We Can by Kieskagato

You, Are The One, We Can ummm.... interesting title for an album isn’t it? I guess it could mean a number of things depending on who you are and what your situation in life is currently. After all, music always seems to find a way to fit into your daily life somehow anyway.

Kieskagato (combines Russian and Spanish word for cat) are a band that can offer diversity in style lyrically and musically. There is nothing cut and dried about these cats, they use parts of rock, pop and jazz to bring their message on home to the listener. You really do have to listen to everything they have to offer, just remember that there really is a difference between hearing and listening. I noticed when I first heard their CD I really wasn’t crazy about it; it seemed the vocals were on the low end of the scale but I really noticed the instrumentation. I gave it another spin, heard some more, then I was able to separate the vocals and music as it was intended by the band, which is likely due to the fact that I paid more attention the second time around. Just because I am reviewer doesn’t mean I am any different from anyone else, I just take the extra time to give the music a fair chance, which only one listen does not provide.

Josh Vasby, the lead vocalist, sounds like a sedate Al Stewart. With the music building behind him, he delivers his lines in a dreamy way, which suits the ebb and flow of the musical tide just right. The most pleasing aspect about this music for me was the constant change and variety in each song, which is the one most important factor that won me over in the end with this band. The jazz aspects make their sound more interesting and full and they provide flashes of some heavy-duty guitar riffs now and then. In the end, I think there is something for everyone on this kind of album, although if you prefer the hard rock screamer types as lead vocalists you won’t find it here. This band has a lot of taste and talent and they know how to use it when they record an album.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kieskagato
  • CD Title: You, Are The One, We Can
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Iconic Rocket
  • Tracks: Omaha See You at the Meeting The Start Up Confidence moved coma a niche tail You Wake Up On Solid Ground White Castle 17 Thursday
  • Musicians: Josh Vasby (Vocals, Guitar), Dave Jorgensen (Trumpet, Rhodes), Derek Schultz (Bass, Guitar), Bryan Fairfield (Drums, Tambourine), Adam Schultz (Bass);
  • Rating: Three Stars
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