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Life Currents, Soaring in Spirit, Spirit on the Road by Various Artists

The first thing that is eye popping about this three CD package (also available individually) is the vastly different musical styles covered. Awant Entertainment’s goal is to give you spirituality through their music. They succeed in reaching their objective and an eclectic audience.

While Life Currents, Soaring in Spiritand Spirit on the Road have essentially the same message to share, the musical content covers enough area to please just about anyone that enjoys music. To summarize the entire package, I would call it Contemporary Spiritual or Contemporary World Spiritual; it does not get more all encompassing than that.

For me personally, I felt my inner being was calmed and reassured that there is a positive message to be shared by individuals that are seeking to have their souls replenished with spiritual energy from our higher power(that some contributing artists choose to call God). I feel if you believe in some force or power other than yourself you can get out of your own way, dismiss your inner turmoil, and then give to your fellow man without expecting anything in return. This music helped me to center and ground myself in my travels to and from work; it was a sojourn both musically and individually.

If you get one of the CDs or the entire package the effect will be the same, you will feel terrific while the music is playing and when it is over. With every conceivable genre of music presented, coupled with a positive and uplifting experience that comes full circle within each track, your choice to choose this music will be like taking a passageway that is both healing and aurally gratifying. For me there is no price tag on that.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Various Artists
  • CD Title: Life Currents, Soaring in Spirit, Spirit on the Road
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Awant Entertainment
  • Tracks: Life Currents Being Happy-The Killens I Lost the Right to Sing the Blues- Karen Drucker Lost and Found - David M. Bailey Your Word is Your Wand - Megon McDonough I Believe in Me - Erik Peterson Here I Am - Mitzi MacDonald Letting Go - Paula Hawley My Own Twist - Lisa Lauren Window of Courage - Julienne Johnson, Michael A. Harrison Fathers Blue Eyes - The Burns Sisters Everywhere I Go Linda - Webb-Khakaba The Goat's Earth - Jami Sieber Hope For Morning - Christopher Williams What Are You Meant To Do - Laura Derocher Soaring In Spirit Every Moment - McGill/Macaskie Rising In Love - David Roth You're Not Alone - Cynthia James I Return - David Ault Takes A Moment - Suz Ogden There Is But One Truth - The JoyTones Dharma - Cal Bennett Invisible Hands - JD Martin Rocked In the Arms - Jana Stanfield We Are One - Lawrence Michaels So Much Time - One Kindred Soul One Heart - Tom Kimmel I'm Shining- Laura Derocher Spirit on the Road Infinite Possibilities - Melissa Phillippe I Highly Recommend It - David Ault Just A Closer Walk - Niki Haris It Begins With Me - Marc Mileski Be Yourself - Wendy Morgan Step By Step - Chuck Pyle We Are Connected - Arthur Lee Keep That Passion Burnin - Karen Drucker Dance Upon This Earth - The Burns Sisters No Separation - Jody Kessler Spirit Express - The JoyTones The Magick - Alchemy VII Stay With My Heart - Summer Lee Fireflies - Release'
  • Rating: Five Stars
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