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My Jazzy Mood by Mike Arroyo

Mike Arroyo has released My Jazzy Mood, exploring Latin and smooth jazz rhythms. Arroyo is without a doubt a gifted guitarist able to paint groovy, Christian soundscapes with his many different string-trick palettes.

His cohort’s stimuli deserve to be listened to. Tenor saxophonist Dominic Lali sounds at ease and lurid in whatever melody he performs at. Jason Lindner delights us with a languid and sometimes frenzied piano paces. His notes are accurate and reach a culmination of free explorations as on "Mira mi Cielo," in which he soars with Arroyo, bassist John Benitez and drummer Gene Jackson to great demeanor.

Amity, softness and jubilation are the appeal in Arroyo’s Latin jazz compositions. Nonetheless, Arroyo flabbergasts us with some good orchestration which sounds emotional, voluptuous and light. On "Florecitas", Milly Laracuent’s dishy sounds shine and actually is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

My Jazzy Mood is sort of proof of a perfect band interaction intermixed with inspiring imagined Christian themes coupled with intermezzos of strings and drum phrases, interplaying ethereal lines to call into being an album full of sensitivity and beliefs. My Jazzy Mood is euphonically gentle, performed with a graceful knack and is easy to listen to.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mike Arroyo
  • CD Title: My Jazzy Mood
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Independent Release
  • Tracks: Florecitas, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Initial Flight, Vine a Adorar, Mira al Cielo, Oh Que Amigo es Cristo, Perfect Mood, Florecitas
  • Musicians: Mike Arroyo (guitar), John Benitez (bass), Alon Yavnai, Jason Lindner (piano), Manuel Valera (keyboard), Steve Hass, Gene Jackson (drums), Richie Flores (congas), Christos Rafalidez (vibraphone), Dominic Lali (tenor saxophone), Milly Laracuent (vocal)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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