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Aces Back To Back by Bobby Darin

It's so easy when you know how and so pretty when you do it right...This album is not only packaged beautifully, it contains 20 tracks from live performances and liner notes by contemporaries of Darn, it also contains a DVD with the first 8 tunes on the CD and 3 songs from lost documentary footage.Bobby Darin swung so hard it is difficult to describe adequately. This is clearly the recording of the year for this writer, ranking right up there with the legendary Nancy Kelly's hot and hip "Swingin And Singin"

"This Could Be The Start Of Something Big" and it is the start and finish of something huge as Darin swings magically and the band rocks and screams in kind..BD's phrasing is impeccable, his intonation is flawless and the yips and whoops he injects into the drummers (Ronnie Zito?) back beat is so apropos that it simply punctuates the exquisite arrangement to the maximum. It is obvious that Bobby Darin is having an artistic celebration that exceeds the bounds of expectation.

"Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"..As Darin kicks off this number,with one, two, three, four, ho, in his patented hip style, this song goes into orbit, laying on dead red all the way..BD rides this tune like Arcaro rode Citation with self assurance and style. It gets no better.

The big band is blazing and Darin carries the message of "A Quarter To Nine" as though he exercises supernatural power over natural forces. Pure enchantment.

"Beyond The Sea" Darin humorously adds the line "My lover stands on Tommy Sands, watching the ships that go sailing" Effortless and smooth, urbane and hip is the byword for this gem...Every yip and hup is placed perfectly to accentuate this charming tune.

"Jive" This is an ode to the 60's as the lyric cleverly advises.."Been Starin' at the sun, been stoned since half past one, jives alive from nine to five, my main man. I've got my paper rolled, I've slowed down growin' old"....And so it goes.

"All The Way" has never been done as touching as this. Forget Frank, as they say BD is standing in Sinatra's front yard. This is BD at his best.

"The Curtain Falls" This is the closer Darin always used at his concerts and it is a beautiful way to say goodbye.."Off comes the makeup, off comes the clowns disguise, the curtains falling the music softly dies, but I hope you're smiling as your filing out the door, as they say in this biz that's all there is, there isn't any more We've shared our moment and as the moment ends, I've got a funny feeling we're parting now as friends, your cheers and laughter will linger after they tear down these dusty walls, If I had this to do again I would spend it with you again...People say I was made for this, nothing else would I trade for this and just think I get paid for this ..Good night Ladies and gentlemen and God love you

There are not enough stars in the universe to rate this album, suffice it to say: It is strikingly impressive and sumptuous in structure and adornment..The very best.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bobby Darin
  • CD Title: Aces Back To Back
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Hyena Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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