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All I Got by Al Jarreau

It seems the more I hear Al Jarreau, the better he gets. His latest is called All I Got and that title says it all. Jarreau knows what he does best and his releases never disappoint. He is the consummate pop/jazz vocalist that always shows what cool is all about. All I Gotis an instant classic, as all of Jarreau's releases are and shows how Jarreau continues to remain cool through every decade.

From Random Act of Love through his take on the classic Route 66, Al Jarreau makes each song his own. Something that a lot of people don't know is that Jarreau is a great songwriter himself. Jarreau co-writes six of the eleven tracks on All I Got and all of them are strong numbers. Jarreau knows how to balance the tracks so that you can just put the CD in your machine and let it rip. He is vibrant with the uptempo numbers as he is smooth on the ballads.

Al Jarreau not only give it all he's got, but his people behind him give it all they got, too. Keyboardists Robbie Nevel, Freddie Ravel and Ricky Peterson, guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr., percussionist Paulinho da Costa and bassist Larry Kimpel all give solid backing to Jarreau's musical styles. One unusual track on All I Got is a duet teaming Jarreau with the legendary Joe Cocker. Lost and Found is a song that is the perfect paring of the graveling Cocker trying to help the venerable Jarreau from having a seventh drink at a bar.

All I Got is Al Jarreau's best CD yet. It is worth not only a listen, but many, many more as well. Jarreau is a classic and All I Got gives it all he's got and more. An instant classic.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Al Jarreau
  • CD Title: All I Got
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: GRP
  • Tracks: Random Act of Love, Life Is, Never Too Late, Feels Like Heaven, Lost and Found, Secrets of Love, All I Got, Until You Love Me, Oasis, Jacaranda Bougainvillea, Route 66.
  • Musicians: Al Jarreau Vocal; Bill Darlington Producer; Nelson Jackson Keyboards; Robbie Nevil Keyboards; Darrell Crooks Guitar; Larry Kimpel Bass; Steven Dubin Drums, Arranger, Programming; Seidah Garret Background Vocals; David "Khalid" Woods Programming, Background Vocals, Arranger, Producer; Paul Jackson, Jr. Guitar; Paulinho Da Costa Percussion; Jerry Hey Trumpet, Arranger, Producer; Bill Reichenbach Trombone; Dan Higgins Saxophone; Kurt Lykes Background Vocals; Paul Brown Arranger, Producer, Programming; Randy Kerber Keyboards; David Torkanowsky Keyboards; Tarry Williams Keyboards; Roberto Vally Bass; Michael White Drums; Trina Broussard Background Vocals; John Stoddart Background Vocals; Manuel Seal Keyboards; Jeff Lorber Keyboards; Sherree Ford Background Vocals, Vocal Arrangement; Ricky Peterson Keyboards; Tom Canning Keyboards; Tony Maiden Guitar; Teddy Campbell Drums; Bridgette Bryant-Fiddmont Background Vocals; Wendy Moten Background Vocals; Joe Cocker Vocal; Rex Rideout Keyboards, Programming; D. C. Programming; Caleb Simms Background Vocals; Freddie Ravel Keyboards; Ross Bolton Guitar; Chris Walker Bass, Background Vocals; Jose "Jota" Morelli Drums; Arno Lucas Percussion, Background Vocals; Joe Turano Saxophone, Keyboards, Background Vocals; Ryan Jarreau Background Vocals; Susan Jarreau Background Vocals; Jon Clarke Oboe; Nathan Campbell French Horn; Rick Todd French Horn; Brad Warnaar French Horn; Bill Meyers Orchestra Arranger; Kirk Whalum Saxophone.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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