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Beginning To See The Light by Jane Stuart

Such a rare elation occurs when one opens a jewel case with unanticipated imagination and raw ability pleasantly enclosed. Jane Stuart allows us that encounter with her new self released 2007 debut of Beginning To See The Light, a very sweet vocal journey! To sum up the moment it was very evident this was her time to come out of the hidden back rooms of song to showcase her passion to the jazz society.

With each note she caresses, it is obvious Jane has the range and vision to make this experience occur spin after spin project to project. Never loosing sight of the feel needed to make the arrangement work, Jane captures each of the selected cuts with a seemingly gentle ease....

So where has this siren been? One may have to search the stages and other entertainment platforms, for she is molded from the experiences of past performances and the memories of her mentors . Now it’s her time with all the encores we can muster....

With all her favorites in hand, "For All We Know" stands out as a superb taste of her talent. So soft is the ballad with a delivery coated in just the right sentiment. Not a flaw to be noticed, this cut flows so evenly making the entire listening experience a memorable one.

Edison’s "Centerpiece" has Jane in a very cool manner. Sultry tones makes this cut jump out at you, so appropriate it’s the exit cut. Spin the heat from this piece and you can hear the sample of her range Jane casts out into the room.... This is one to hear live!

Jane’s debut spin is an honest piece of very hard work and time-tested arranging. With her friend Rave Tesar arrangements and keyboard excellence the project will take off. The excitement will continue as we anticipate her next venture, which has us wondering the form it will take. Whether it is R&B or to Cool Jazz, Jane’s range will meet the test and pass. Add this spin, it is sure to be among the collection the fine releases of 2007!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jane Stuart
  • CD Title: Beginning To See The Light
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Self
  • Rating: Four Stars
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