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Birds in Flight by Kat Parra

This is the debut CD of Kat Parra. As vocalist and award-winning songwriter, she is sensitive and spirited in this collection of songs. For a first time out attempt, this CD succeeds with a sweet brilliance and emotional intensity which sets it apart from the crowd.

This woman sings with conviction, devotion, and intense feeling. Her voice is full of sweetness, passion, intimacy, and joy. In the standout selection, "Birds in Flight," the jazz listening audience hears her soul soar vocally, and it is a richly rewarding experience.

There are ten songs featured. The total running time is 51:30 minutes. The songs include "Mais Que Nada," "Dame La Llave," "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise," "Alfonsina Y El Mar," "Birds in Flight," "Caravan," "Oleo De Una Mujer Con Sombrero," "These Old Feelings," "Kuando El Rey Nimrod," and "Quizas Porque." Each song is a testament to Kat Parra's unusual voice and distinctive vocal stylings. There is a direct, open soulfulness which comes across easily in her singing, and it is an enjoyable sound.

The many musicians on the CD are talented, and whether in fine solo work such as performed by violinist Anthony Blea or flutist Masaru Koga, each soars with a fresh, innovative approach. Group harmony is perfect. The musicians give excellent background for the delivery of Kat Parra's intimate vocalizations.

As a debut CD, this one works. There is a certain style about Kat Parra that adds to the oftentimes poignant vocals, and she has a voice that is fresh and imaginative. If you are new to her sound, please give her new debut CD a try --listen to her voice and be entertained by a fresh, captivating talent.

Each song reveals a different message and jazz motif, and is excellent. Kat Parra's rendition of Duke Ellington's "Caravan" is a memorable listening experience, and like the other songs in this fine collection, there to savor again and again and again.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kat Parra
  • CD Title: Birds in Flight
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: JazzMa Records
  • Musicians: Kat Parra (vocals). Guest musicians including Murray Low (piano), Renata Bratt (cello), Rick Vandivier (guitar), Ravi Gutala (tablas), among many others
  • Rating: Four Stars
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