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Cassandra Reed by Cassandra Reed

First of all, let me say the self-titled CD entitled 'Cassandra Reed' is not your typical vocal jazz recording; however, it does have its moments where there is a semblance of jazz. For the most part, Cassandra Reed has a style all her own. Through it all she does does keep you listening, but waiting for something to grab you. She combines R&B, rock and blues into a CD that is full of surprises.

Born in Seville, Spain, Cassandra Reed spent most of her early life traveling with her family in and around Europe before finally settling in Cologne, Germany. In fact, Germany would be the location where her musical fortunes would take form. Cassandra's professional career began playing the European club scene, where she developed a loyal following. Eventually she expanded her sphere of influence to include Japan. It was there she garnered a #1 CD entitled 'I Believe' in 1996. With many professional kudos under her belt, Cassandra Reed decided to make a move to the United States. This led to a recording deal with independent Peak Records and now welcomes the listening public into her world.

'Cassandra Reed' was recorded with assistance from writers Steven, Frank and Peter Wieschermann, Kathy Byalik and Jason Miles. This is an album that tells stories of real life experiences. It is filled with heart felt emotions that are expressed through interludes of musical reflection. The overall impact can best be described as contemplative and thought-provoking. Through 12 tracks of back and forth R&Bish and soft rock oriented music, Cassandra tells a story of promise, which also includes love activated romantic lyrics. As I said earlier, this CD does have its moments where some semblance of jazz is heard; but for the most part I was left waiting.

Musically speaking and as a vocalist, Cassandra Reed's CD can best be described as a rock-oriented blues infused recording. Instrumentally speaking, the displays of acoustic guitar, coupled with precise musical arrangements adds flair to the overall message that Cassandra is attempting to convey. With that in mind, a quiet moment reading a book, or in a reflective mood is the best way to discover Cassandra Reed.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Cassandra Reed
  • CD Title: Cassandra Reed
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Peak
  • Rating: Three Stars
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