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Challenge by Eugenia Munari

A young Italian vocalist from Naples with a persuasive sway describes music this way, “Music could perhaps be called the most truly human form of dialogue among people.” The assured artist is Eugenia Munari and her passion… jazz.

Ms. Munari’s tone of voice can be diversely described numerous ways, but correctly stated; it would diabolically seductive with an energized feel. The rhythms would ignite the most stoic pulse into frenzy.

Her debut project Challenge has by far a unique “slip into the sunset with ease” taunt about it. Those subtle, yet purring tones, take you back to those steamy recollections of romance once embraced.

Even this old scrooge with pen in hand, cannot pull a negative out of a standard holiday folly.... Oh! I mean holiday standard, as Ms. Munari transforms “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” into a delicious stocking full of tone and rhythm. The Riccardo Biseo ivory expedition, mid-way through the arrangement, captures the seasonal feel and delivers the vocals, a festive flurry of direction.

One spin that holds consideration and never escapes the listener's grasp is Kerns & Hammerstein’s “Can’t Help Lovin' That Man of Mine,” and rest assured, Queenie and Julie are throwing accolades to Ms. Munari’s rendition. This blues-based iconic ballad has that same appeal and direction as it did in 1936. The ardor and respect is well-represented in this performance. I would look to see more of this style from Ms Munari in the future.

In the midst of this lovely encounter is a collection of talented musicians who are the glue in this project. These gifted gladiators take the stage and handle each arrangement conflict with professional ease and execution.

Contained in the selection lineup are two melodies that serve notice to all jazz aficionados; jump the ride and let it proceed in guiding your fantasies. Also, take special note of the Bossa treat “Papo Furado,” in which Ms Munari’s diversity and intelligent calculation as a producer takes form. Challenge by no means is “that” to the human ear, but it does engrave its music sheets with that aura with deliciously cultural sway for all those who appreciate the art, performance and effort of smart arrangements. This “heavy with possibilities” artist will keep anticipation at our door step, jumping levels upon levels as she takes her journey!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Eugenia Munari
  • CD Title: Challenge
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Record Label: Philology
  • Rating: Four Stars
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