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Covergirl by Michele Anatasio

Michele Anastasio treats the lyrics like an old friend, and this is evident in the blues treatment she gives to "More Than I Can Say." Her vocal range, sensitivity and soulful rendition of this tune showcases her talent to the maximum.

"It Had To be You," a classic performed as a true classic should be, no bells and whistles just a respectful and lovely, no holds barred rendering of a masterpiece. Jeff Medina's guitar solo adds much to an already splendid song.

"Time Heals Everything" Anastasio lays it on the line with this touching ballad that is guaranteed to go straight to your heartstrings. If this tune doesn't bring a tear to your eyes, nothing will. Michele Anastasio is at her finest on this track.

"Over The Rainbow" A jaunty version of this song with a latin beat brings new passion to this standard, Michele Anastasio's vocal has a sweetness inherent in her articulate sonancy that is both fluid and eloquent.

A fine ensemble and a seasoned singer with style and grace make this album a treasure in anyone's collection. A voice like Michele Anastasio's is not cultivated, one must be born with it and then when it's fine tuned, you have the immense talent that this superb artist posseses.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Michele Anatasio
  • CD Title: Covergirl
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Sell A Bit Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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