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Daydream by Robin Stine

Traveling the independent circuit many times than not offers struggles for an artist with their talent, as the road becomes a tedious one. From bar to patronless lounges from rejection to dissection, it many times can extinguish that fire in the belly. However, once in a while an artist carries a vivacious and tenacious urge to succeed in the business they choose.

Vocalist and songwriter Robin Stine took her wants and needs within that desire and encased them in her debut offering Daydream - released in 2005 by Sweet Blossom Records.

What is so enjoyable about this recording is the sensual yet innocent approach to her performance. Along with a diverse repertoire of cuts from swing to ballads the jewel box exhumes a fine illustration in sound of a life long education in jazz.

Within the spin of this effort notice the range and expression of notes she displays. For an out of the gate talent it is rare. Stine proves she is ready to go forward.

Stine takes Daydream and showcases her blues feel along with other genres in a daring exhibition of vocal tantalization. Sultry maybe? It is captivating and gifted without question. However, this passionate personality from the Panhandle has soul built into this performance and with the right guidance from this point forward can make it even with the industry barriers ahead.

Daydream is what a debut should be, a foundation of future success. Stine has presented a sensual piece of melody-generated energy for us to examine in any way we choose to. Stine is sculpting a future and the clay has been set on the wheel, which is turning as we speak. A very strong start.... . let’s sit back and see what else this siren has to offer!

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Robin Stine
  • CD Title: Daydream
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Sweet Blossom Records
  • Rating: Three Stars
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