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Dream Dancing-Ella Fitzgerald & Cole Porter by Ella Fitzgerald

The divine and beautiful voice of Ella Fitzgerald is one that has left an impression upon multitudes of hopeful jazz divas worldwide for decades, and one that will continue to do so long after her passing. Her voice remains forever ingrained as the quintessential female jazz vocalist. She used it as an instrument, and there have not been too many vocalists that have been able to do that with such success and notoriety as Ella. In the jazz idiom the musicianship is always so stellar, and with improv being the main focus, it is that much more difficult to make things happen smoothly and without too much transition in the vocal department. Ella did it with relative ease. She was the consummate professional and all of the very best wanted to work with her, and they all did by the time her career was winding down.

Cole Porter’s songbook is one of legend and stardust. In 1956 she covered the complete songbook of the master composer. Ms. Fitzgerald was one of the very few that covered his work that prompted Porter stand up and notice and immediately approve. These recordings were originally released on Atlantic as "Ella Loves Cole"(1972) and then reissued on Pablo with two more tracks from 1978, "Dream Dancing" and "After You." This remastered version, now titled "Dream Dancing," is a beautifully reworked edition highlighting the incredible vocal prowess of Ella and the excellent support musically by Nelson Riddle and his orchestra.

I am continually captivated and swept away by Fitzgerald’s implausible range and consistently smooth and palatable delivery. She really was the best and nobody has ever come close to her command as a vocalist in a jazz setting. This is one more solid example of my stand on her abilities and wherewithal as the first lady of jazz. I honestly don’t know if there will ever be another like her, if there is where is she? I implore you all to let me know.

This may come as a surprise to many of you that have followed Ella throughout her career. Considering that this was recorded in a much later part of her performing career, she was still in very fine voice executing each note and inflection as if it was coming right from her heart and soul. I truly believe she gave all of herself with every song she sang. She was one of a kind, and one that music desperately misses.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ella Fitzgerald
  • CD Title: Dream Dancing-Ella Fitzgerald & Cole Porter
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Reissue Original Release: 1972
  • Record Label: Pablo
  • Tracks: Dream Dancing Ive Got You Under My Skin I Concentrate on You My Heart Belongs to Daddy Love for Sale So Near and Yet So Far Down in the Depths on the Ninetieth Floor After You Just One of Those Things I Get a Kick Out of You All of You Anything Goes At Long Last Love C'est Magnifique Without Love'
  • Musicians: Ella Fitzgerald (Vocals),Louie Bellson (Drums),Paul Smith (Piano), John Heard (Bass), Bill Watrous(Trombone), Al Aarons(Trumpet), Norman Benno(Oboe), Donald Christlieb(Bassoon), Mahlon Clark (Clarinet), Bill Green(Clarinet), J.J. Johnson(Trombone), Harry Klee (Flute), Nelson Riddle (Arranger, Conductor); Dick Noel(Trombone, Cole Porter(Performer), Chris Riddle(Bass Trombone), Wilbur Schwartz(Flute), Shorty Sherock(Trumpet),Bob Tricarico(Bassoon), Charles Turner(Trumpet), Carroll Lewis (Trumpet),Gordon Schoneberg(Oboe), Paul Smith(Piano);
  • Rating: Five Stars
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