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Flippin Out by Charmaine Clamor

"Take a look at my skin.... .it’s brown!" and from those first words of the first spin I knew this artist was someone who jazz would embrace. Charmaine Clamor will catch you as she did me with her 2007 release from FreeHam called Flippin’ Out, a multi-genre, multi-directional emotional spin. Flippin’ Out takes you by surprise and draws you in quickly....

Clamor never telegraphs her vocal moods throughout this project. Attitudes in any form jump out at you without notice or reason. She just exhibits pure untarnished talent from within the depths of her interpretations. Strategically placed pauses and tempo changes make Flippin’ Out a listen with intense anticipation. This is a fantastic new ride so please get a ticket for this trip!

A sultry mystique jumps out at you when one pushes play on "Candy." Clamor’s drips vocal intimacy from start to finish. Her interpretation is a unique blend of moods still however getting the traditional feel of this tune across. "Candy" under the sensitivity of Clamor, spins an even deeper definition of sensuality....

The music behind the vocal talent is a major part of the success of Clamor’s performance too. The percussion throughout sets the tone for this project and travels side by side with the vocals on this journey. That compressed partnership makes this project complete and concise along with the others in studio....

This Filipina jazz singer exhibits a very pure talent. The ability to express much more than just a tune is unique. Clamor sings to times, feelings, and purpose! A superb performance from and multi talented gem! As Clamor states in one spin "Do you want some sugar in your bowl" I say to her.... .You just did Charmaine and it’s just sweet enough!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Charmaine Clamor
  • CD Title: Flippin Out
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: FreeHam
  • Rating: Four Stars
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