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Good Night, and Good Luck by Dianne Reeves

The soundtrack to the film "Good Night and Good Luck" could stand alone as just a great Dianne Reeves record. Set to the back drop of 1950s America, the soundtrack has Reeves singing as smooth as silk, as she has known to have since her "debut" in 1987 with Better Days on Capitol (not counting the 1977 LP Welcome to My Love). George Clooney acts as executive producer, to which he and Grant Heslov have chosen the classics by outstanding artists of that time for Reeves to put down on her own, with her style.

Starting with Nat King Cole’s "Straighten Up and Fly Right," Dianne Reeves brings her unique swagger to the table. Johnny Mercer’s "One For My Baby" closes out the album and you are left wanting more. You can just see Reeves leaning against the piano singing these songs like they are from her own songbook as she makes these her own. The Ellington/Mills "Solitude" is a straight vocal salute to the Duke and Mills with Jeff Hamilton keeping it tight. The rest of the band is Matt Catingub on saxes, Peter Martin on piano and Robert Hurst on bass. Delving into Cole Porter’s "I’ve Got My Eyes On You," Reeves and company swing gently here.

There is not too much on can say about this album. Just listen! The songs have been chosen well to reflect the time period of the movie, but this is not just movie soundtrack and it could have been a Reeves album and still received outstanding reviews all around the world. Dianne Reeves has had an up and down career, but this is a straight-forward jazz album for her and could have been a soundtrack for Reeve fans all around.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dianne Reeves
  • CD Title: Good Night, and Good Luck
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Concord
  • Rating: Five Stars
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