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I Know Its Love by Chris Walker

Joining his family's musical group as a drummer at the early age of five, Chris Walker was already on his way to becoming a success. Often chosen as a first call artist, Walker is now ready for the success he is garnering with I Know It's Love.

Teaming with his business partner, songwriter, Ray. J. Davis, Walker’s debut album, I Know It's Love, also the title track, is an album of heartfelt ballads claiming his love for the lady of his life. Gentle guitar accompanies Walker's smooth crooning vocals. A deep, gentle voice also able to hit those high notes when required in a country music atmosphere with a western twinge.

Soft strings, gentle piano chords lead the way for "Even Now," a song proclaiming Walker's desire to get back together after a painful breakup with the one he loves. Apparently given up on getting back together, Walker comes back with a deeper, more profound intensity in stating "It's The Last, Last Time."

Airy inflections open "This Is Goodbye" with a final declaration of the end of a relationship. Long vocal stretches carry the pain of his heart through this definitive affirmation. Pushing the envelope, changing to an up-tempo on "Beyond The Limits of Love," Walker gets deep with a funky groove. Pronounced percussion makes the beat uplifting, hopeful for a night of passion.

A duet with Rosalyn Brunswick McDuffie gives a majestic flavor to "Can We Make Believe." Changing pace again, "Perfect Woman" brings out Walker's clear vocals in a deep, heartfelt slow tempo tune.

Closing with "Merry-go-Round" seems appropriate for this 12 track CD.

A real success story, Walker headed to New York's New School for Jazz and Contemporary music, with only $40 in his pocket--not knowing what would be next. Stepping up to the plate when he noticed the jam session he attended was short an instrument, Walker filled the spot. Garnering a 'rep' with the school, Walker was chosen by Ornette Coleman for a gig--beginning what has become an ever-broadening experience with masters across the country, including Kirk Whalum, Jimmy Heath, Bob James, Regina Belle and Yolanda Adams, among others. Walker is currently with Al Jarreau, serving as his musical director. As a tribute to research for diabetes, Walker is sharing profits of this release with the American Diabetes Association.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Chris Walker
  • CD Title: I Know Its Love
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Canvas Records
  • Rating: Two Stars
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