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I Think Of You by Jody Sandhaus

Now on her second album, Jody Sandhaus is making clear that hers is a voice that wraps itself around a tune with just enough strength to obtain its essence and to earn the rapt attention of her audience. Sandhaus' breezy delivery of the 13 tracks on I Think Of You shows that she obviously enjoys singing. Furthermore, her choice of repertoire and the care with which she presents the songs imply that she also enjoys their content.

Case in point: As the opportunity arises, Sandhaus investigates the entire scope of a song, including verse and chorus, so that the set-up of its meaning attains the same degree of importance as the more memorable lyrics that everyone remembers. How many can recall the verse for "Too Marvelous For Words"? And yet, the scene-depiction of "I search for phrases To sing your praises. But there aren't any magic adjectives To tell you all you are" leads logically into the concept that words fail her when she describes the object of her affection. She does the same thing on "Too Close For Comfort" with "Just think! They can tell how far it is From here to a star above, And yet they cannot measure the safest distance Between a woman and a man in love."

The fact that these tunes are derived from Broadway plays, complete with sung puzzlement and solution, verifies that Sandhaus' interests expand beyond jazz. The bookending song of "I'll Think Of You" comes from the children's TV show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and yet it's doubtful that many viewers actually listened to the words from the TV show. Sandhaus' effective delivery and effortless phrasing create interest in those words, which, after all, take on a double means, as do most deeply felt words.

Even though Sandhaus is backed by an outstanding trio, including her husband Pete Malinverni (who has released his own CD on the Reservoir label), clearly she is the leader of the album. Her voice has a crystalline quality with a slight vibrato that remains in the upper register, unlike most jazz singers'. Oddly, I Think Of You contains the use of a slight reverb to sustain her words with a ring.

While "Small Day Tomorrow" presents an element of minor-keyed sadness, the repertoire of I Think Of You is one of uplifting songs with detailed descriptions of the ambivalence and joys of romance.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jody Sandhaus
  • CD Title: I Think Of You
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: CAP
  • Musicians: Jody Sandhaus, vocals. Michael Moore, bass. Pete Malinverni, piano. Leroy Williams, drums.
  • Rating: Three Stars
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