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It's Not Easy by Joanie Pallatto

Joanie Pallatto is a wonderful gift to the jazz scene, her contemporary vocal stylings are perfection personified. Her voice delivers memorable performances on these original songs she composed and wrote the lyrics to. "Lonely Train" is destined to become a jazz classic with its haunting, perceptive jazz motif. "Remember Me" is a song that will stay with the listener long after the song is finished, its fine harmonic images tucked quietly into the listener's ears.

There are ten songs in this CD collection, each one individual and reflective of the creative musical genius of Joanie Pallato. The songs include "Violets Are Blue," "Until I Touch the Ground," "It's Not Easy," "Get to Heaven," "24 Years Today," "Lonely Train," "Happy Life," "Tickle, Tickle," "A Love That Never Dies," and "Remember Me." The musicians are in sync, completely, and their performances share with the listener a keen awareness of tone, mood, definition, and harmony. Alejo Poveda gives a soaring performance with the reggae song, "Happy Life."

One of the most ambitious and successful attempts at musical instrumentation accompanying vocals is found in the wonderful song, "A Love That Never Dies." Howard Levy plays harmonica and piano on this number, establishing a great backdrop for Joanie Pallatto's intimate vocal. This is a unique song, as is the performance.

John Devlin is in top notch form with his accordion sounds on "Until I Touch the Ground." Fareed Haque gives a remarkable performance with imaginative stylings on "It's Not Easy."

Every musician on this collection gives their finest, and their work highlights the great talent of Joanie Pallatto's jazz vocals. Each musician seems perfectly cast for this CD.

If you want some creative, imaginative jazz stylings, this CD by Joanie Pallatto should be the one! Joanie Pallatto has a special, imaginative sound, one that stays with you. She has a voice that is forever young, and enchanting.

Highly recommended. A winner in any jazz music category!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joanie Pallatto
  • CD Title: It's Not Easy
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Southport
  • Musicians: Joanie Pallatto (vocals, composer, keyboards, violin, ocarina, thumb piano), Fareed Haque (guitar), Howard Levy (piano, harmonica), Alejo Poveda (percussion). Guest artists include Bradley Parker-Sparrow on piano, John E. Magnan and Eric Hockbery on electric bass, and John Devlin on accordion, guitars, and bass.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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