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Kelly Sings Christy (Thou Swell) by Julie Kelly

Swinging is defined by this writer as the ability of the music to move one emotionally. Julie Kelly not only swings, she has the finest repertoire of tunes in the business. This time out Kelly pays tribute to June Christy in high style with eleven songs that the misty one recorded over the years. Miss Kelly has selected some of the best musicians on the jazz scene to accompany her. The arrangements by Tom Garvin are extraordinary, his vocalese lyrics to "Thou Swell" are joyfully exploited by Kelly, who is in her element on this tune. One can see that the songs were selected with great care and given the respect due them in the rendering by Miss Kelly, who delivers them in her own inimitable style. One is certainly aware that this vocalist is steeped in jazz tradition, and the result is a superb recording in every aspect.

"There's No You"..This tune, done up tempo, is sweet music. Kelly pays attention to the lyrics and brightly sends the message of the tune to us. Stacy Rowles' understated Flugelhorn solo adds an extra dulcet feel.

"Something Cool"..The tale of a lonely woman in an (all too familiar) sad existence, is told by Kelly in a truly interesting manner. This track is made memorable by the vocal. "Thou Swell"..Splendid arrangement by Garvin. Kelly swings his vocalese lyrics like magic. Hip solos by Pete Christlieb, Tom Peterson and Rob Lockhart add nicely. "Gone for The Day".. Bouncy be-bop treatment, solid work by all. Dave Carpenter's Bass solo gets one's attention, and Kelly rides again.

"It's So Peaceful In The Country"..A beautiful melody, sung beautifully. Kelly's sonority was pleasing with femininity emphasized. Nice musical portrait.

"Midnight Sun".. No tribute to June Christy would be complete without this piece. fabulous lyrics with a mystical melody. Christy would be honored. This tune was sung with passion.

"The Best Thing For You"..I suspect Irving Berlin was at the top of his game when he penned this composition, the folks on this recording certainly were. Sparkling solo by Christlieb and Kelly sweetly honors Mr. Berlin with a delightful musical kudo. The sound quality of this CD is remarkable, the musicians are the best of the best, and Julie Kelly is the final ingredient that brings it all to life.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Julie Kelly
  • CD Title: Kelly Sings Christy (Thou Swell)
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: CMG (Chase Music Group)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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