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Love Pages by Cafe Soul All Stars

Love Pages is a vocal R&B session aimed at smooth-jazz FM radio play. The project evolved from the New Orleans based Essence Music Festival of 2000, a project spearheaded by the accomplished R&B producers, Norman Connors and Duke Jones. The players on the disc are personal recruitments by the producers - an assembly based on the Essence Music Festival. Notables include Ndugu Chancler, Boney James, Kenny Garrett, George Benson, and Sonny Emory among others.

Of the fifteen tracks, eleven are vocal and four are instrumentals. On the vocal tracks, the singing is front and center. The support is always breezy and complimentary. On all but one of the cuts, the instrumentations are tight and groovy and the music is delivered with plenty of soul. "Sheba" is a low point, an intellectual/spoken word/hip-hop/poem, with a Marcus Miller type bass clarinet sample, that goes for ‘Generation X.’ It would have been much more fashionable in the 90 s than now.

All in all Love Pages is a quality release that mainly sticks to the R&B vein (you’ ll even get to hear phrases like ‘shorty’) and also has some nice jazz and soul elements. The producers have forged a slick and glossy work, one that will stand well. This one is all about the grooves and vibes.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Cafe Soul All Stars
  • CD Title: Love Pages
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: YOU Entertainment
  • Rating: Three Stars
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