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New Directions by Isis

New Directions is the debut Release of Vocalist Isis, an Arturo Sandoval Discovery. After a lifetime in and out of music, this Cuban born artist was heard singing at a party by Sandoval. To her great surprise he asked her to record with him. Their collaboration produced this effort which is a mix of Boleros and Jazz Standards echoing both her Havana birthplace and her American musical influences. With a strong cast of Veterans backing her up, Isis floats almost effortlessly though these arrangements. She has the warm welcoming voice of a woman who makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed, a voice with a smile in it. This session sounds like a night at a local Jazz Club where first rate musicians not only play to the crowd but enjoy creating an oasis where troubles are forgotten, the wine is sweet, and where we can imagine that the world is not that bad. There is a soothing straightforward simplicity to this music best stated in the final track, an Arturo Sandoval Original titled "Keep Your Hope Alive". "New Directions" is the sound of elegant optimism and a loving showcase for the voice of Isis.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Isis
  • CD Title: New Directions
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Pimienta Records
  • Tracks: Keep your Hope Alive, Tu Me Acostumbraste, Misty, Pequenos Detalles, Stormy Weather, Si Llego a Besarte, Summertime, Esta Mania Mia, Tenderly, Drume Negrita.
  • Musicians: Ernesto Simpson (Drums, Percussion), Doug Bickel (Piano, Keyboards, arrangements), Ed Calle (Saxophone), Arturo Sandoval (Trumpet), Denis Marks (Bass).
  • Rating: Three Stars
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