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On A San Francisco High by Sony Holland

The dusky voice of Sony Holland lends itself beautifully to the brilliant compositions of husband Jerry Holland.

Usually when I see the word 'original' I run for cover..however... this is a solid gold exception to the rule. To say that Jerry Holland is a lyricist is like saying Johnny Mercer was a tune plugger. Holland is a mixture of Cole Porter and Dave Frischberg, only hipper.

Every tune is a melodic masterpiece with words to match, and when you have a superb vocalist like Sony Holland added to the mix, you have the perfect match.

"My Man And I" has a distinct Parisian feel which seems to permeate all of Holland's pennings giving them sensual overtones with shades of rich melodic musings.

"In Marin" and "Whirlwind Romance" are two of my favorites, again the words are beyond casual and nonchalant, suffice it to say these tunes are a study in sophistication and stylistic excellence.

Sony Holland is blessed with a clear tone and enunciates beautifully. Always on pitch she makes these songs come alive.

In "To Better Days" the wistful side of this fine singer is showcased to the maximum. One might say that phrasing is her strong suit which is certainly true, and when you add her other attributes and interpretive powers, you have one sultry, aristocratic and markedly superior artist.

The ensemble lays down some fine backing and is the proverbial straw that stirs this potent musical libation.

This is a five star album, and I guarantee I will keep this disc on tap in my music maker...I am duly impressed and to paraphrase my eloquent friend jazz vocalist Nancy Kelly ..."I have taken my hat off so often that I can't find the damn thing" And that is the case for me in offering kudos to a brilliant songwriter, a great singer and one fine ensemble.....

All songs, words and music by Jerry Holland

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sony Holland
  • CD Title: On A San Francisco High
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Van Ness Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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