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Philantrophy by Phil Morrison

Let me attest right away that bass colossus Phil Morrison & I go back 40+ years when we met in Boston @ The 'My Apartment' lounge in The Hotel Vendome. I never said anything negative about him then, after I heard his talents......Nor would I now! On the contrary, Phil continues to evolve musically in an innovative way, & I'm still awed by that. There are many divisions to Phil's artistry: There was his 'upright bass' side........Then, his bebop side......There's his warm spiritual side.......And, now, his Eastern-world 'Sitar' side which he incorporates so creatively in his fender playing now-a-days.....All in all, he's a compilation of the many positive influences he has been fed during his life, making him one of the few singular 'innovators' of the fender bass style of playing jazz. As a soloist, Phil can negotiate difficult chord changes with ease, while at the same time he will inaugurate the melodic use of his ax with equal abandon. We are talking master musician here. Through Phil's quiet charm, he has created a formidable project with his partner & jazz pianist-vocalist extraordinaire, Keith Williams. Finally, the music contained herein is precise, tasteful, & extroverted. I robustly relegate it to any jazz-phile bent on expanding his focus on the world of jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Phil Morrison
  • CD Title: Philantrophy
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Dr. Mac
  • Rating: Five Stars
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